Thursday, April 7, 2011

Department of Not Even Remotely-Surprising Statistics

Possibly related: 46% of Mississippi Republicans shocked to hear The Civil War is over, man has walked on the moon.

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  1. This is so obviously and blatantly a hoax, it isn't funny...
    We conservatives know that there's no more racism in our country.
    That we've already attained that color-blind society envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr in which everyone is "judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin."
    That the Negroes -- or the Blacks, or whatever they're calling themselves this week -- are being held down only by the race-hustlers and the Democrat Party, that want to keep them in a state of enforced powerlessness and victimhood, dependent on taxpayer-funded handouts, instead of working for and earning their rewards as they are now able to do -- if they only wished to.
    That we've even elected a Black President, who returns the favor by trying to slip "reparations" programs thru the Congress, disguised as everything else under the sun.
    That every claim of racism about a harmless joke, or an innocent remark, is where the REAL "racism" now lies in our country!
    So clearly, given all of this, it CANNOT POSSIBLY be correct that nearly half of the "likely-voters," or "registered voters," or whatever, in the Republican Party, think "interracial marriage" should be illegal.
    This is so obviously just another of the infinite pathetic attempts by the liberal lamestream drive-by dinosaur media to blacken the names and reputations of real Americans, conservative Americans, the most productive among us!
    And if it looks as if this info is coming from a known Republican-oriented polling firm, that just means it must be another of the lib-tards' transparent, childish attempts to hoax and threaten and defraud and steal their way to power -- like that stupid "prank call" to that beleaguered Republican Governor in Wisconsin.
    Yes, that's clearly the only possible explanation.


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